Landscape Pathway Lighting in New Jersey

Pathway Lighting

Make your home accessible by lighting up your path.

Landscape Pathway Lighting

Illuminate Your Sidewalk & Highlight Your Garden

Considerations for Walkway Lighting

Choosing the Best Type

Lighting for pathways is generally either made to be low-to-the ground fixtures that will cast light onto the path or sidewalk, but doesn’t shine anywhere else in your yard. The different types of pathway lighting to consider may include:
  • Spread lighting, which is a technique that is typically used for pathway lighting. This style produces a nice lighting effect and will light up a wide area, such as the full or large portion of the pathway.
  • Step lighting is used to accent steps, such as steps leading up to the porch or off of a pathway. These lighting fixtures may be recessed into the step risers, underneath the railings and/or as surface lights on vertical posts.
  • Lampposts are often used for homeowners that prefer to place only one fixture along the pathway instead of several in-ground lights. Lampposts produce a subtle illumination and can be used individually or with one on either side of the pathway.

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