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When it comes to making your outdoor space stand out, deck and patio lighting cannot be ignored. Lighting up your deck and patio with decorative lights is an excellent way to heighten and accent the space in style. Premier Outdoor Lighting has a wide variety of deck and patio lighting options to choose from, including wall sconces, chandeliers and ground lighting. Not only will outdoor lighting make the space feel more comfortable and allow you to use it any time of the day or night, but lighting also provides security to the deck and patio, making it a safer area.

What Type of Lights Are the Best?

Premier Outdoor Lighting has numerous lighting options to choose from, so it may be a little overwhelming when trying to choose the best lights for your deck and patio. The best type of outdoor lighting is the one that emits a natural-hued light. It’s recommended that you avoid harsh lighting, such as bright or fluorescent lights; these types of lights are typically better suited for garages or other working environments. Your patio and deck are meant to be casual environments, so you only need a small amount of lighting, just enough to illuminate the area during the evening or when you are entertaining. Warm lights will help relax you and they offer a comforting feeling.
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Choosing the Right Material

choosing the right style of lighting to suit your deck and patio is only part of choosing the best fixtures. You’ll also need to consider the type of materials that the light fixtures are made from to ensure they will withstand the elements. If you are looking for lighting fixtures that are structurally sound, yet budget-minded, consider lighting fixtures that are made from composite materials, such as materials that are mixture of plastics. These types of deck and patio lighting fixtures are less expensive than metal fixtures and they will degrade over-time; however, they will provide the illumination you want until you can get something of better quality.

Aluminum lighting fixtures are also affordable and they often have a chic look; however, they tend to oxidize and fade in color over time. If you opt for aluminum fixtures, consider those that have a powder coating, which will extend the lifespan of the fixture. Brass fixtures are more expensive, however, they are durable and a high-quality option, so they will last for many years. Keep in mind that brass does naturally patina, but it will not corrode from the elements. Copper is also a high-quality option that is resistant to corrosion and is extremely durable. Another great option is to choose lighting fixtures that have mixed metals and/or materials, such as lanterns with a wooden top and a brass base that can be staggered on the deck steps, clustered in the lounging area or hung from overhead beams.

Statement lighting is an ideal way to transform your deck and patio. There are many options to choose from and generally there are options for every budget. If you need ideas or recommendations for deck and patio lighting, Premier Outdoor Lighting is happy to help you choose the best outdoor lighting for your outdoor living space.

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